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Ps.Reenukumar, who was born in a diverse family with no history of anyone involved in ministry, is now a leading voice in spreading the unfiltered Gospel in India. God filled Ps.Reenukumar’s net with an MBA from LIBA, excellent career record with fortune 500 companies and a luxurious life. While he was in Australia,the Lord touched him and revealed that the plans He had for Ps.Reenu were much higher and different. He called Ps.Reenukumar to drop the nets and follow him. In response to the call predestined by His heavenly Father, Ps.Reenukumar started to serve the Lord. In Melbourne Ps.Reenukumar served in an AG church where the Lord moulded him for a greater purpose. After much prayer and guidance from the Lord, Ps.Reenukumar returned with his family to India and initiated Rock Eternal Ministries.

He who called us is faithful! Though Ps.Reenukumar returned to his native, it looked like foreign land when he started his ministry in his hometown-Chennai. No one to guide, no one to encourage & no support from the expected beloved ones. Thats when God taught him to TRUST IN HIM alone and gave a verse upon which the ROCK ETERNAL MINISTRIES was founded.

“Trust in the Lord forever, for the Lord, the Lord himself, is the ROCK ETERNAL.” Isaiah 26:4

From then, the growth that God gave was a Miracle. Rock Eternal Ministry progressed every single day. What would have happened in 20 years in others’ life, God made it happen in Just 3 years. God gave Ps.Reenukumar the vision to raise leaders and groom them to be transformers for Christ. The Lord has been using him mightily across the globe amidst churches, organisations, educational institutions and various ministry bodies. Ps.Reenukumar reaches out to in-numerous people through, concerts, crusades, television & social-media. He has released 3 sequels of Tamil gospel Audio CD called KANMALAI ( THE ROCK ) which has been a trend setter in the Tamil Christian fraternity. It touched many lives and testimonies keep coming in till date. He conducts a two day Live worship concert called KANMALAI Live in Chennai every Year, ever since a revival started to spread across the city, thousands of people attend the concert and God did great things in the concerts happened so far.

In His time, God gave Ps.Reenukumar a vision to start a church. He started a church in Chennai amidst pool of mega churches. It was a humble beginning, but God is expanding the church as you are reading this. Every week new souls are being added to the church. Every month many unbelievers, submit their lives to christ and get baptised. The Rock Eternal church is focused on disciple making, establishing people's lives in Christ and teaching the unfiltered word of God. Ps.Reenukumar along with his wife Lydia and daughter Rhea continue to serve the Lord and reach out to people as an embodiment of Christ.

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